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2002-2003 Major Soccer Rules Revisions

"Should the team with the injured player attended to on the field elect to play shorthanded, the injured player may not be replaced until the next legal substitution opportunity."

"Such a player shall leave the game and may return at the next stoppage of play. Should the team elect to play shorthanded, the player may not be replaced until the next legal substitution opportunity. (See page 4 for Communicable Disease Procedures.)"

"The required player equipment includes a jersey, shorts, stockings, suitable shoes and shinguards which shall provide adequate and reasonable protection, be professionally manufactured, age-appropriate, not altered to decrease protection, and worn under the stockings."

When an illegally uniformed team is unable to correct the situation or cannot verify state association approval of the uniform, the game shall be played. The referee must, however, notify the state association following the game.

12-8-1(f) New 8

Add: Faking an injury

Official Signal Chart
Add signals for fouls to current NFHS Soccer Rules Book.


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